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More Than Just a Learning Experience

My top three takeaways after completing the Advanced Management Program (AMP 199) at HBS over the last 7 months.


#1) Every Day is an Opportunity to Learn Something New. My father is a retired professor, so my passion for lifelong learning should come as no surprise. However, it never ceases to amaze me how much opportunity there is to learn something new and profound in every interaction, big or small - through a classroom debate, a casual chat with a peer, an a-ha moment sparked by a professor’s lecture. As Oliver Wendall Holmes once stated: “A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.”

#2) Business Leadership Requires Balance and Ambidexterity. Profits vs. purpose. Today vs. tomorrow. Hunger vs. humility. Explore vs. exploit. Command vs. compassion. Process vs. people... Most of us skew in one direction or another. It’s the acknowledgement of our blind spots and our deliberate attempts to address them that will make the difference.

#3) My Understanding of “What’s Out There in the World” is Akin to a Drop of Water in the Ocean. After having spent time (not enough!) with 91 colleagues from 33 different countries representing dozens of industries, I am left with a humbled sense of and appreciation for the vastness of thought, opinion and approaches to business and life. See Takeaway #1.



Through my AMP 199 classmates, I recently learned the phrase -- “Ubuntu” -- which means “I am, because you are.” It is part of the Zulu phrase “umuntu ngunutu ngabantu,” which literally means that a person is a person through other people. In the spirit of ubuntu, I have to thank all of the folks who made the last 7 months so memorable.

Professors: Michael Tushman, Cynthia Montgomery, Max Bazerman, Rohit Deshpande, Stuart Gilson, Marco Iansiti, Nancy Koehn, Youngme Moon, Krishna G. Palepu, and Dick Vietor.

All of my fellow AMP 199ers, including my Learning Group (Allen Capps, Kelly Mackey, Terence Tang, Bindu Yadlapalli, and Wan Abu Bakar)... and Executive Coach: Susan Alvey.

The journey continues...

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