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Welcome Back, Baseball

July 23, 2020

To celebrate the return of baseball today, I assembled the following charts highlighting some interesting franchise and player salary statistics.

Franchise Statistics

  • Franchise values range from $5 billion (New York Yankees) to $908 million (Miami Marlins).

  • League average franchise value is $1.8 billion.

  • The average MLB franchise generated $346 million in revenue last year.

  • The league average valuation multiple is 5.1x (EV / 2019 Revenue).

  • The Los Angeles Dodgers attracted more home game attendees than any other club - close to 4 million.

  • Each fan that attended a home game last year, contributed $816 on average to the home team’s franchise value (on a non-deduplicated basis).


(Sources: Forbes for values and revenues, ESPN for attendance)


Player Salary Statistics

  • The highest paid player in 2020 is Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels. Trout’s full season salary would be $37.7 million on a non-pro-rated basis (but still a bargain).

  • The Miami Marlins pay its highest paid player the least of all of the 30 ball clubs. The Marlins field Jonathan Villar for just over $8 million.

  • The top paid player’s salary represents 43% of total payroll, on average.

  • Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles, whose 2020 unadjusted salary would be $21 million, will receive 89% of his team’s total player payroll.

  • For each team across the league, the highest paid players played the following positions: Starting Pitcher (9), First Base (6), Outfielder (5), Third Base (4), Designated Hitter (3), Catcher (2), Relief Pitcher (1).


(Source: Spotrac)


Hopefully, we will get through this 60-game 2020 season without any issues and get back to a full season schedule in 2021.

Play ball!


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